Hello there, District 94!

My name is Patricia Cannon. I’m a proud resident of Summerville and would love the opportunity to represent each and every single one of you. I’m not a politician, I admit. This is my first time seeking any office. 

We sometimes come to a place in life that we can no longer sit back and this is where I find myself. Our current political circumstance has moved me to try and change those things we cannot accept. 

Given the opportunity, I will work hard for the things that matter most to you. I will be a person that you can come to with your concerns and I will address them one by one. 

Change begins in our communities.

Representatives should be accountable to the people who elect them.That’s why I’m running a campaign that is 100% grassroots-funded and refuses donations from large corporations or special interest groups.

Join me in becoming a Force for Change and contribute to our campaign below.

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