Meet Patricia

I grew up in Georgetown, SC as the daughter of a minister in the Pentecostal Holiness Church. My parents raised me with my eyes open to the deep injustices in the world.

I first became conscious of the divisions in our society on my first day of 1st Grade on September 3, 1970. I walked to school with my mother that day, and as we neared campus we could hear yelling from pro-segregation protestors. My mom got down on one knee and explained to me that the demonstrators were angry about young black students attending the traditionally white school. As a child, distinctions of race meant little to me, and I could see how hateful and unfair these people were.

In the decades since that day, I’ve seen how broken systems hold people back on the basis of their race and class. And I’m no longer willing to sit back and let things carry on as usual. A better world is possible, and together we can work towards one.

Change begins in our communities.

Representatives should be accountable to the people who elect them.That’s why I’m running a campaign that is 100% grassroots-funded and refuses donations from large corporations or special interest groups.

Join me in becoming a Force for Change and contribute to our campaign below.

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