The fight for justice is not about political parties – it’s about people. I want to represent every single constituent in District 94 and the needs of our whole community.

As State House Representative, I will:

Invest in Infrastructure

Summerville and the towns of District 94 has grown exponentially over the last five years, and continue to expand as more folks learn about our vibrant home. We welcome all newcomers with open arms, but our infrastructure needs to meet the needs of our growth. I will fight for better roads, utilities, and expanded public transportation.

Expand Disability Benefits and Medicaid

This is an issue that hits close to home for me. After my neck was broken in a car accident in 2011, I was denied disability benefits over and over again even though I was unable to work. South Carolina’s narrow criteria for disabled citizens left me in a position alongside many people in our community: unable to work, living in chronic pain, yet denied disability and disqualified from Medicaid. As a State Representative, I will fight to expand Medicaid work to promote Medicare for All.

Enact Hate Crime Laws

A person who spray-paints hate symbols or racial slurs on someone else’s property will never be found guilty of a hate crime in South Carolina, because there is no such distinction for identity-based vandalism or violence in our State legislation. I want to work on changing that so every member of our communities can feel safe and welcomed.

Support Community Resource Initiatives

As a longtime volunteer with food pantries, coat closets, diaper banks and health fairs, I’ve seen firsthand the positive impact local programs have on our District. Our community centers support thousands of people in need and have been crucial in our District’s fight against COVID-19, distributing meals and supplies to neighbors all over. I want to secure more funding for community centers so that we can better help each other.

Heal Community-Police Relationships

Due to tragic incidents in South Carolina and around the country, many members of our community have lost faith in our police department’s ability to protect them from harm. We desperately need to find a path to re-establish trust in law enforcement, and accountability on behalf of our police officers will play a crucial role in this effort. As a State House Representative, I will work on legislation to enforce bodycam operations and educate officers on implicit bias.

I’ve been a protestor, a go-getter, and a cannonball my whole life. I fight for what’s right, even if it isn’t the easiest thing to do.

Change begins in our communities.

Representatives should be accountable to the people who elect them.That’s why I’m running a campaign that is 100% grassroots-funded and refuses donations from large corporations or special interest groups.

Join me in becoming a Force for Change and contribute to our campaign below.

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